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Kyle Richards, President


Kyle is the man behind Enriched Media Enterprises. He possesses a love for creativity, storytelling, and technology that when combined, can render some truly unique content. He has worked throughout the photography, as well as video production industry for several years, working many different roles and picking up a wide range of experience, tips, techniques, and tricks from those he has worked with. From the red carpet, to small business promotions, Kyle has worked on a wide range of productions, and continues to expand these endeavors.  Kyle's unique ability to combine these experiences, technology, and creativity, is what makes the gears of Enriched Media Enterprises turn. He is never truly satisfied and always strives to be better and bigger with each project that he touches. An unmistakable work ethic, attention to detail, and dedication to making sure every client succeeds in their efforts is what Enriched Media Enterprises is based upon. "When you succeed, we succeed!"

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